The marketplace throughout the nation involves contracts, agreements, affidavits, and a wide range of legal documents most requiring the participation of a licensed and bonded notary or signing agent. Remote online notary and signing agents are hardworking professionals who are accustomed to working long hours, are usually asked to work early mornings, and late evening hours.

Nationwide Remote Online Virtual Notarization Services

Are not available in all states. If the notary you slect can not offer you remote online notarization services, they will travel to you, but you should inquire about remotely online notary services first

Remote online notary services are especially active these days as they are convenient, cost effective, and easy. Also, there is a shortage of traveling and mobile notaries. Here at, the Notary agents listed are familiar with executing documents, and are prepared to assist you with a Remote Online Notary Service, if permissible by law. If you can give twenty-four-hour notice for an appointment, the Notary of your choice will guarantee a meeting for you. Remote Online Notary Agents Perform Virtual Internet Notarization and Signing Services Electronically

Remote online notarization of documents requires licensed and knowledgeable online notary agents who have experience working with professionals. Notary agents are NOT Attorneys, do not offer advice, and do not provide any forms or document preparation services. If you need assistance or advice, always contact an attorney first.

What Is Remote Online Notary Services?

With remote online notarization, a document signer personally appears before the virtual Notary at the time of the notarization using online technology over the internet, i.e. Zoom, Go To Meeting, Face Time, Skype, etc., instead of being physically present at the same location. Remote online notarization is also referred to as online notary services, virtual notarization services or computer notary service. However, the most popular name for remote online notary services is, "RON." "R.O.N." is the acronym for "remote online notary" and is the term widely used by professionals and people familiar with online and virtual notary services

Is Remote Online Notary Services The Same As Electronic Notarization Services?

Many people confuse electronic notary services with remote online notarization. They are not the same services!

Electronic notarization, or eNotarization, involves documents that are notarized in an electronic format, and the Notary and document signer sign with an electronic signature. But all other elements of a traditional, paper notarization apply to electronic notarization, including the requirement for the signer to physically appear before the Notary.

The confusion arises from the fact that electronic notary services typically involve digital documents that are signed and notarized electronically. However, they go a step further in that the transaction is conducted online rather than in person.

Please be advised, take note: Only a few states allow remote notarization. Some notaries are able to notarize remotely but they have to make sure it’s signed and notarized correctly based on the situation and type of document. Interestingly, Virginia law permits Virginia notaries to perform Remote Notary service in all 50 states and Internationally.

Nationwide Remote Online Notary Experts Perform Internet Notary Services, where permissible.